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2016: Happy New Year

It’s three days into a new year and i’m feeling so hopeful about what is in store in the next coming 52 weeks. When i look back from 2012 to this point in 2016, so much has happened. I graduated with my second degree, met the love of my life, moved to a new country,  learnt a […]

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Excited about 2nd run of @openUCE

In 10 days, we will start the second run of our open networked learning course “Understanding Customer Experience”. We got a new homepage and I’m testing all new functions and gimmicks. Stay tuned for more info. Ah, btw. If you want to join the convers…

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6 sätt att påverka

Cialdini presenterar sex stycken sätt eller tillvägagångssätt att påverka någon annan, kanske främst i säljsammanhang. De sex stycken principerna är: reciprocitet, förpliktelse och konsistens, sociala bevis, sympati, auktoritet och knapphet.Alla dessa handlar om att påverka någon annan mer eller mindre medvetet. Att börja ge något för att sedan få något tillbaka eller att hänvisa till att […]

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Servicescape at a hair saloon

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the hair saloon that is located just across the street of my office.There where nothing really extra or unique about this saloon in perspective of price, location or fashion wise. It has just a very typical hair saloon in a small town in Sweden. The interior design was […]

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Video reflections

In the video of Maria Åkesson, Resource integration (2015) https://youtu.be/B1E7r-njSHU , she highlights that Customer creates value and Resources are not – they become. These statements seem to me pinpointing the way from the traditional perspectives of customer role in service interaction to a more up-to-date perspective of all the complex dimensions of the customer […]

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